Core Strengths Accountability
Training Certification

Develop the Skill of Accountability

Your organization has a unique culture and training needs—that’s why your organization needs skilled internal facilitators deliver it.

You need to replicate your best-performing managers and teams. You know those rare managers: They figure out how to make “it” happen – regardless of what “it” is. They’ve mastered the secret to producing consistent, high-quality results. They take personal responsibility with every task, in every challenge — for ownership of results.

Become Core Strengths certified, and you’ll join the ranks of the very best trainers in the business. Core Strengths Accountability training will focus on building the skills to develop a culture of accountability by:

  • Creating a system for your team members to become personally responsible for outcomes
  • Deploying strengths more effectively – to accelerate better decision making
  • Adopting an ownership mentality for achieving results
  • Navigating difficult conflict situations that inhibit accountability
  • Focusing on a high-stakes situations using an Accountability Action Plan

Train your managers to create a culture of accountability—where every team member decides to take personal responsibility for producing results.

By Becoming a Certified Facilitator, You’ll:

  • Become an expert on how to deliver the Core Strengths Accountability program quickly and effectively.
  • Be backed by the world’s most intelligent training platform—which combines our award-winning Strength Deployment Iinventory (SDI) assessment tool with next-generation facilitation technology.
  • Master two powerful assessments that give managers and teams throughout your organization a common language for understanding how best to deploy their strengths and take accountability for their results.

Core Strengths is foundational to our leadership and career development programs. Our managers are excited by what they learn, and are eager to use the tools and resources. The improvement in working relationships and communication have led to increased accountability, collaboration and innovation.”
–Tim Perlick, Sr. Director, Professional Development, CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)

Getting Certified Is Easy:

“The Core Strengths approach provides a model that is easy to comprehend, intuitive and one to which people connect quickly. It helped people in our company relate to each other more effectively by understanding our own personal core and recognizing new ways to work together more productively while staying true to ourselves.”
–Orna Sarfaty, Ph.D., SR. Director of Human Resources, Sandisk

During the facilitator certification course, you’ll:

  • Receive the Core Strengths platform – an innovative platform (usb drive powered by your laptop) that contains cinematic video vignettes, a powerful training tool for displaying participant assessment data, and an intuitive curriculum design brought to life by rich graphics.
  • Learn how to deliver the Core Strengths Accountability training program in your organization.
  • Be mentored by a master facilitator and benefit from their deep expertise and knowledge.
  • Practice facilitation and program-delivery skills with peers.
  • Gain access to the Core Strengths Accountability training community and trainer resources.
  • Become equipped to immediately deliver Core Strengths training.
  • Join a global community of 4,000-plus certified facilitators.
  • Have the tools, resources, and expertise you need at your fingertips to start unleashing the strengths of your organization’s people—today.

A Closer Look at the Two Days

Learn at our global headquarters in San Diego, or at our satellite Washington DC location – direct from the thought leaders who created the Core Strengths Accountability program. Join a cohort of 9 others as you dive deep into how to facilitate the training like an expert.

Day One
  • Trainers unpack the theory behind the training so you’ll master the content at the deepest level.
  • Learn to facilitate experiential learning activities like a seasoned professional.
  • Access all of the capabilities of the Core Strengths platform, our proprietary training delivery platform that integrates course content with video, personalized reports, and trainer tools that make the classroom experience engaging and productive.
Day Two
  • Dive deeper into advanced facilitation techniques and learn how to implement training agendas from 4-8 hours.
  • Practice your new facilitation skills in a high-energy, safe, and constructive environment.
  • Discover new opportunities for application that will elevate individual and organizational performance.

Master the Delivery of These Five Training Modules

1. Unlocking Accountability Through Core Strengths: Dialog through the challenges of insufficient or absent accountability while defining your team’s current state of personal responsibility. Receive your assessment report and discover the actions (strengths deployed) you’re currently using to achieve results. Start building an Accountability Action Plan by identifying a high-stakes situation at work and two critically important stakeholders that you need to productively engage to create a successful outcome. You’ll use your Accountability Action Plan in throughout the workshop and be able to put it to use immediately after the training.)

2. Understanding the Core of Personal Responsibility: Discover the true source of Accountability by receiving the Motivational Value System (MVS) portion of your SDI results. Learn how you prioritize People, Performance, and Process in your choices of strengths to deploy to achieve results. Participate in experiential activities to understand key MVS concepts and how they drive your decision-making. Use the SDI Quick Guide to build your action plan and productively engage your two stakeholders.

3. Interpreting through Filters: Explore the concept of your filters to understand how they may affect your ability to accurately assess situations and interact effectively with team members, colleagues and customers. Learn how to take accountability by applying insights about filters to refine your action plan for your high-stakes situation.

4. Navigating Conflict: Understand that when things don’t go as you wanted, it’s especially critical to understand how conflict affects the motivations behind your choices. Receive the Conflict Sequence portion of your SDI results and see how your core motives change during conflict. Take part in experiential activities that deepen your understanding. Assess conflict in your high-stakes situation and document your commitments in your Accountability Action Plan..

5. Putting Core Strengths Accountability to Work: Start practicing Accountability by Choice. Learn how to mindfully select strengths to manage your high-stakes situation and effectively engage with stakeholders. Dive into about post-course reinforcement and learning opportunities.

“We’ve learned from hard experience that we can’t make people take accountability for their behavior and their contributions at work; they want it to be their choice. Core Strengths has given them the power to choose to embrace ownership over what they do, how they interact with others, and what outcomes they get.”
–Jonathan McGreal, West Regional Sales Director for Cardiovascular Specialty, Arbor Pharmaceuticals